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    Parent Category Placeholder


    Placeholders shows macro-like things I can add to Dashboards to display e.g. the name of the current category.

    I have a nested space category structure. So how do I show the nested parent and indeed breadcrumbs of structures?



    1. Maria Heij

      Hi Martin 

      I will check with the team and get back to you!

      Best Regard, Maria Heij

    2. Emil Sjödin

      Hey Martin Cleaver ,Sorry for the late reply. 

      Would it help if you got a placeholder that always returned the "root category" or do you always need the direct parent?

    3. Martin Cleaver

      Emil Sjödin - I need the direct parent most. And really the whole breadcrumb. The root parent doesn't help much if you have to visit each.

    4. Emil Sjödin

      Ok, thanks for your feedback Martin.

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    1 answer


      Hi Martin

      Sorry for the late reply here. 

      For the breadcrumbs, with version 5.0 of RefinedTheme it was decided that the breadcrumbs would be as Atlassian displays the, without any references to the category structure. Some of our users wanted to have the old structure back and we have a ticket for this (https://issues.refinedwiki.com/browse/RWOT-1054), but this is not prioritized at this point in time. 

      From what I read you would want to use the placeholders from the macros to build your own breadcrumbs and I have asked around the team, but this does not seem as a solution to the issue, as the placeholders would not be available in the space layout (if that is where you plan to set it up). 

      So, unfortunately we do not have a solution for your problem.

      Best Regards, Maria Heij

      1. Martin Cleaver

        Is there some workaround trick to get to it, e.g. via a velocity value that I can expose via a user macro?

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