Is it possible to add a space to multiple categories?

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Is it possible to add a space to multiple categories?


I have some spaces which fit into multiple categories.  Is there a way to do that currently or is it a feature request that has already been made?

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      Hi Michael

      Thank you for your question. 

      Using RefinedTheme, it is not possible for a space to be in several categories, a space can only be in one. For the site menu, you can however use a link to direct your users from the site menu at the top of the page. 

      If you want to do this, you can do the following: 

      1. Go to Theme Configuration > Organizer
      2. Click to add a link under the category

      3. Add a link and set it to the space

      This will make the link to the space show up in two categories. However, this will be a bit different, the link. The link will not have a favourite-star, and when you navigate to the space via the link, the  category of the actual home for the space will be highlighted. 

      I hope this will help you out. 

      Best Regards, Maria Heij

      1. Michael Buchanan

        Thank you Maria.  I see that I can create the links which show up in the horizontal menu and also show in the spaces dashboard area which is configured with the "spaces in categories" macro but if someone clicks the drop down menu next to the search box and chooses Spaces (the space directory,) the links will not show.  Is there a way to configure the space directory to show the links or is there a way to remove the Spaces option from the drop-down.  I think my users will get confused if they see the links to spaces in the 2 places but not in the third place.

        Thank you again for you help.

      2. Michael Buchanan

        Just found this article -

        When I put in this code in the Custom HTML (At the end of the Head), the menu option goes away:

        <style type="text/css">
        #space-directory-link {
        display:none !important;

        The Space directory is still there but the menu item to find it is hidden.

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